COMFORT – smooths out road bumps.

PERFORMANCE – More productive pedaling.

CUSTOMIZE – for weight and color.

STYLE – one of a kind.

“…the Alter Cycle smooths out the road and provides a performance boost”. L.A. Times

2016 Close out!

We have a few – 2016 models that must go now.

  • Reflex 100 regular retail $749 JUST $576 SAVE $173
  • Reflex 300 original retail $999 NOW JUST $699 SAVE $300
  • Reflex 500 Original Retail $1399 NOW… OOPS… NO OLD STOCK STILL JUST $1399

Specs are the same as current models but, they are non-current so… bye bye!
All bikes are black and will be shipped with the latest Rider Fit Tube in Red, Blue, Black or White, Fluorescent Orange, Green, Pink and Metallic Silver (Silver #1 only).

Order using promo code: 16SP100 (Reflex 100) & 16SP300 (Reflex 300)

Your bike will be shipped to a dealer near you for professional assembly.
We will pay up to $60 for assembly (normal cost $50 to $75).
Freight free within the lower 48, AK & HI add $199.


Pedaling stretches the flexible down tube storing energy during the strong part of the pedal stroke providing a rebound boost back to the pedal as your pedal force fades near the bottom of your pedal stroke.


Linear Flex is a slight stretching of the Alter Cycle Reflex frame and wheelbase in reaction to bumps and dips which adds greatly to comfort and control. This is not like the controversial, lateral, torsional or bottom bracket types of flex.