All Alter Cycles are designed and built with our Active Frame Construction™ which consists of two key components: (1) our patent pending top tube that is specially shaped to promote vertical flex while minimizing horizontal movement. (2) our patented arc shaped down-tube (Rider Fit Tube). These two components work together to allow the bike’s frame to extend when you encounter road bumps or pedal hard. This has 3 benefits.

(1) Comfort: The flexing of the down-tube absorbs road bumps providing a smoother ride.

(2) Performance: It makes pedaling easier and more efficient by lengthening the power stroke, storing energy during the down stroke and releasing that energy at the bottom of the pedal stroke. When the energy is released, it reduces or eliminates the dead spot in your pedal stroke for a more even distribution of power. The result: pedaling is easier and more efficient, allowing you to accelerate faster and climb hills in higher gears.

(3) The flexing action allows your tires to seek and adjust to different levels, providing more constant contact with the ride surface and better handling.


Our curved Rider Fit Tubes are made in the U.S. of HS90 spring steel tubing and are available in different colors. Alter Cycles are designed and tested so you’ll have the perfect ride on not so perfect roads or trails.”



Finally, our patent pending Quick Connect System allows the rider to quickly and simply put in another color downtube.